Pinterest Story Downloader-Download Pinterest Story Online

Pinterest Story Downloader

Using Pinterest leads us to seeing things that we desperately want to download. But unfortunately, Pinterest itself does not give the permission to its users to download images, videos, gifs, and story from it. Therefore, users have to use different apps in order to download Pinterest story, videos or posts from it. We have brought … Read more

Pinterest Boards-How to make a Pinterest Board?

Pinterest Boards

Ideas and inspiration crop up in many different ways. They spring up in real-life scenarios, tv shows, music, and various other mediums including the internet. But the internet in itself is a tricky medium to explore. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that allows users worldwide to share their ideas or pictures with any other … Read more

Pinterest Vs Instagram-Which one is better?

Pinterest Vs Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram, two image-sharing platforms that debuted in 2010, have seized the American market by storm. Their unique features and capabilities open up exciting new marketing options, which have aided in their continued growth. Companies can use the two sites to display their brands or products through eye-catching images and gain access to prominent … Read more

Pinterest Pins-How to Create, Download & Delete?

Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for finding DIY, recipe, fashion, and other ideas, not just for businesses. Many businesses use Pinterest as a marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. Every day, you see a lot of inspiration ideas on Pinterest in the form of photographs or videos, but have you … Read more

Pinterest Lite

Pinterest Lite

In a post made in the official pinterest website, the Pinterest team announced the launching of pinterest lite. “That means inspiration for everything from new recipes, fashion tips & travel ideas—in a smaller app” – the Pinterest team. You have probably heard of Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine which basically means that Pinterest … Read more

Pinterest Business Account-How to create and use?


Pinterest, the third-largest social network in the United States, is an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes to access new markets and expand. According to e-Marketer, 47 percent of Pinterest users use the app to shop. On the other hand, Facebook comes in the second position, with 15% of consumers shopping via the app. … Read more

How to post on Pinterest?

How to post on Pinterest

Are you new to Pinterest and have questions about how to upload Pins to Pinterest? Don’t worry, we’re all starting someplace… That is why we developed this useful guide! Pinterest is a website where people may sell visually appealing products to others. We can pin and save other people’s images here. We can pin it … Read more

How to delete a Pinterest account?

How to delete Pinterest account

Pinterest is an excellent tool for navigating through the deep oceans of your personal interest, as well as gathering and organizing photographs, video, and information from the internet. However, if you have finished a project and no longer want to use Pinterest — or simply need a vacation from the bulletin board-like social media service … Read more

How to use Pinterest? Guide for beginners

How to use Pinterest

Few years back once Pinterest became the new sensation, I also jumped into the queue and downloaded it on my mobile. At that time, I had not even the slightest idea of how to use Pinterest. But now, I have been using this fantastic application with pro expertise so I thought to share the tricks … Read more