Pinterest Lite

In a post made in the official pinterest website, the Pinterest team announced the launching of pinterest lite.

That means inspiration for everything from new recipes, fashion tips & travel ideas—in a smaller app” –

the Pinterest team.

You have probably heard of Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery engine which basically means that Pinterest is a platform where  people post their ideas for other users to take inspiration from! A very cool concept.

However the marketing team of Pinterest noticed a significant rise in the popularity of Pinterest outside of the united states.

Pinterest lite

What is Pinterest Lite?

The Pinterest lite app was designed to give you most of the features of Pinterest and takes significantly less space on your mobile phone! This means that you can now get inspirations and ideas from other people’s work with a low end mobile phone as well!

This app is basically the remapped version of Pinterest’s progressive app. The developers had acknowledged that the Pinterest mobile web experience was pathetic. So they decided to organize a team of developers to develop the Pinterest app from scratch. 

When we say “smaller compared to the regular Pinterest app” how small are we talking? Although different mobile phones might have different sizes for the Pinterest app. But for the sake of comparison, the regular Pinterest app in 128 MB on an Apple device running the latest version of IOS, while it is 50 MBs for the latest android device. This is just 1.2 MB, which goes to show just how much space it saves as there is a significant difference in size between the regular Pinterest app and the Pinterest lite. app.                                                        

Furthermore, this wonderful app works best with low internet. So this can be a go to app if you need ideas but live in an area with a low network bandwidth.                                                                                                       

Features of Pinterest lite:

Pinterest Lite features

Although the pinterest lite app is way slower than the regular app, you get most of the features that you might want.

You can ; create boards both publicly and privately of what you like, as well as save the pins and different ideas.

Furthermore, you also get a sorted feed in this lite app which means that Pinterest is only going to show you the ideas related to your taste. You can also share what you like with your friends and family.

Last but not the least, you are going to find all the ideas you found on the regular pinterest app, so billions of ideas to take inspiration from! .

In short, you can do everything a normal user would want to do in regular Pinterest, all while the app takes less space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not yet! Pinterest lite is only available on the android platform

You do not have to! Essentially it is the same app, Pinterest lite was developed only for low end mobile phones. So if you have a low end android mobile phone, or you live in an area with low network bandwidth, this might be the app for you!

Yes! Just like the regular Pinterest app, all the features offered by Pinterest lite are free.

Wrapping up:

Pinterest lite is a great app for people living in low bandwidth regions, it was developed to focus mainly on the growing market of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh or any other “third world” country.

Adding a lite app here is a great decision, especially since firms like Facebook (now META) have launched the lite version of their apps (Instagram lite, Whatsapp lite etcetra.) this enabled the firms to increase their reach to multiple different regions, so it is good business as well!

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