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We are a team of professionals who build simple and easy yet remarkable tools that help you download from the Social Media platforms.

In our website Pintvideodownlaoder, we have made sure that you are able to get what you are looking for. We help you to download Pinterest Videos and Photos/ Images from the Pinterest.

We are working round the clock to make your downloading experience a remarkable journey. Apart from this, we have tried hard to provide you important and relevant information to help you navigate through the Pinterest. We have collected a bunch of data that you may be looking for on the internet. Therefore, you will need not to scroll through the Browser to find general knowledge about Pinterest. Rather, you will find everything at one place.

On our platform, we do not save your videos or images. Instead, you directly download them on your device. And, whenever you wanna refer back to those, they are at your fingertips saved on your computer or mobile. So, you can easily access them without having the need of internet connection.

We are running ads on our platform to keep us going through. But, we will make sure that ads will be safe.

If you have any query or any suggestion that might help us to improve our service, feel free to ping us at

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