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If you are using Pinterest then you must be knowing that this great Social Media platform does not allow its users to download images. On the contrary, if you want to download images on your Computer, Mobile or tablet then you need a Pinterest Image Downloader.

Being a well-known and well-connected platform, unfortunately Pinterest offers no option to its users from where you can download Pinterest images/ photos/ pictures. To solve this issue, Pintvideodownloader offers you a Pinterest image Downloader so that you are able to download images of your own choice.

Why to use Pinterest Image Downloader?

Pinterest Photo Downloader

Pintvideodownloader is a platform that mainly helps its users to download videos from Pinterest. But, apart from that, it allows the users to download images, GIFs, and stories as well. With this user friendly Pinterest Image Downloader, you can download Pinterest images with great satisfaction.

  • Pintvideodownloader is a reliable, safe and a fast tool which helps you to download the images from Pinterest.
  • It is a completely free tool that does not ask its users for any kind of subscription or registration.
  • You do not need to download or install any application / extension on your mobile or PC.
  • You can download your desired images in your required format. Moreover, you can download as many images as you want in a very short time span thus saving your valuable time.
  • Additionally, Pintvideodownloader never compromises on the picture quality of images. You get exactly what you wish for; even pictures in HD quality are downloaded without spoiling the picture quality.
  • There is no watermark on the downloaded images so you can use Pintvideodownloader without any worry.
  • It works very well with all the web browsers as well as all the Operating Systems. Therefore, you can use it for mobile as well as computer.

How to Download Pinterest images using Pintvideodownloader?

Pintvideodownloader helps you to download images on computer, mobile, laptop, and tablet. Therefore, Pintvideodownloader is your preferred choice irrespective of your machine. 

How to download Pinterest Photos on Computer

How to download Pinterest Images on Computer

To download Pinterest images on your Personal computer, Laptop or Tablet, you just have to follow a couple of steps. Pintvideodownloader is compatible with all the available Web Browsers in the market like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, MS Edge etc. Furthermore, it works equally well with Windows, Linux etc.

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account
  • Open the desired Image or a story
  • Right click on it to get the image URL
  • Open Pintvideodownloader in a new window
  • Paste the Copied URL in the search box and select the desired format
  • Press Download button and enjoy

After downloading the images, you can save them on your computer or you can re-upload them as well.

How to download Pinterest Pictures on Mobile

How to download Pinterest Images on Mobile

If you want to download Pinterest images on your mobile then worry not. You do not need to have any extra application in your mobile. Whether you have an Android or an IOS, just open Pintvideodownloader, follow few same steps on your mobile as well and get the Pinterest images as well as Pinterest GIF in your mobile phone.

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account using the Pinterest application or Website
  • Click on the desired pin to get the image you want
  • Right click on it and copy the image URL
  • Open this classy tool Pintvideodownloader in a new window
  • Paste the Copied URL in the search box of Pintvideodownloader and select the desired format
  • Press the Download button; get the Pinterest images without any watermark.

The Downloaded images from Pinterest are available to you in your mobile. And, then you can use them afterwards as per your ease and convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is completely safe to use. You do not need any registration or subscription for it.

Yes, all the images downloaded with Pinterest Video Downloader are without any watermark. This gives it a definite edge over many of its competitors

You can download the Pinterest images in JPEG and PNG formats. Furthermore, it allows you to download HD Quality images.

Pintvideodownloader works smoothly with Android and IOS both. Moreover, you can use it on your PC, laptop and tablet.

Final Words

To get the best out of Pinterest, you need to download images from Pinterest. For this purpose, you should have the best image down loader for Pinterest. This takes you to the doorstep of Pintvideodownloader, a tool specifically developed by our experts to meet the user requirements. Use Pintvideodownloader for downloading images from Pinterest with guaranteed satisfaction.

We wish you happy downloading from Pinterest.

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