Pinterest GIF Downloader 2023-Download Pinterest GIFs

You may be using Pinterest for a long time or you may be new to this wonderful platform. One thing is for sure that Pinterest does not let you download the Pinterest media. It can be in the form of videos, images or GIF but you are completely unable to download it. Therefore, you need a Pinterest GIF Downloader for yourself so that you do not miss out on any chance that you find amazing on Pinterest.

Any idea you find eye catching on Pinterest is surely an opportunity for you to increase your reach.  You may be longing to download that GIF which made you feel attracted towards it but you are unable. To solve your problem, Pintvideodownloader comes to your rescue. We have a wonderful Pinterest GIF Downloader for you.

By using Pintvideodownloader, you can easily download Pinterest media especially GIFs of your choice

Happy downloading!

                                  If you want to download videos from Pinterest, click here

Why to select Pintvideodownloader to download Pinterest GIF?

Pinterest GIF Downloader
  • It is an exceptional Downloader that enables you to download Pinterest GIF and Pinterest Story at a very high speed with exceptional safety features.
  • You do not need to subscribe or register on our website. It means that it is a completely free tool without any hidden charges.
  • It works online; you just need internet connection for it to work. You do not need any installation for its working.
  • It gives you ultimate freedom to download GIFs of your choice in a very high quality.
  • You get exactly what you wish for.
  • Your downloaded GIFs are free of any watermark. So, you can re-use them without any worry.
  • Pintvideodownloader goes smoothly with all the Operating Systems and web browsers. Therefore,  you have liberty to use it on your PC as well as mobile. It offers you Pinterest Image Downloader as well.

How to download Pinterest GIFs on computer?

Download Pinterest GIF on Computer

It is very easy for you to download Pinterest GIFs on your PC. There is nothing like long and lengthy processes. You will be able to download your desired GIFs in a jiffy. No matter, what kind of PC you are using, Pintvideodownloader is there to help you out. 

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account
  • Open the desired GIF
  • Right click on it to get the GIF URL
  • Open Pintvideodownloader in a new window
  • Paste the Copied URL in the search box and select the desired format
  • Press Download button and enjoy

How to download Pinterest GIFs on Mobile?

Download Pinterest GIF on mobile

Many a times, you are using Pinterest on your mobile. There you get a chance to watch a GIF of your choice. Still, worry not as Pintvideodownloader will help you to download Pinterest media even on your mobile.

You can be having IOS or an Android but this wonderful downloader matches the requirements of all the systems. So, lay back, follow a couple of easy steps and get the GIF you want in your mobile phone.  

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account using the Pinterest application or Website
  • Click on the desired pin to get the GIF you want
  • Right click on it and copy the GIF URL
  • Open this classy tool Pintvideodownloader in a new window
  • Paste the Copied URL in the search box of Pintvideodownloader and select the desired format
  • Press the Download button; get the Pinterest GIF without any watermark.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, Pintvideodownloader is absolutely safe. It does not ask you for any registration or subscription so you can download GIFs without any tension.  

No, there is no watermark on the downloaded GIFs. This gives you liberty to save them for later use.

Pintvideodownloader works extremely well with both IOS and Android. Therefore, you have ease of downloading on your mobile.

Final Words

Pintvideodownloader has been developed by the team of experts. It is developed while keeping in mind the User requirements. Therefore, you will be able to download the Pinterest media especially Pinterest GIFs in a very nice and easy fashion. Anytime, you face any issue or if you have a suggestion that can improve your downloading experience then surely feel free to ping us. We will be more than glad to be at your service. We want you to have a great downloading experience.

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