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Being a regular Pinterest user; many a times, you come across some marvellous ideas in the form of Pinterest videos. You desperately want to download these videos. But unfortunately, Pinterest does not allow its users to download videos on Computer or Mobile. Therefore, you need a separate Pinterest Video downloader for you so that you do not miss out on any chance that you find amazing on Pinterest.

Pintvideodownloader is the key to unlock the realm of Pinterest for you. Using this easy, friendly and free downloader, you can download Pinterest Videos with a great ease.

You can easily download Pinterest videos from your PC, tablet, and mobile phone (both IOS and Android) by using this amazing tool. It will help you download your favorite videos in MP4 HD quality (720p). You have the option available to download the videos in mp3 or mp4 format. Furthermore, it assists you to get videos in your desired quality. You have the chance to make the selection according to your requirement. If you want to save space then choose from 240p, 360p, or 480p. However, if you don’t want to compromise on the video quality, I suggest you choose 720p or 1080p to get the best result.

What is Pinterest?

In January 2010, a US-based company was launched by the name of Pinterest.  At that time, nobody knew that soon it is gonna be one of the Giants of Social Media Platform. Just over a decade and it has grabbed almost 100 Million monthly visitors. Yes, you read it right; 100 Million (1Billion) visitors per month. So, you can easily imagine the potential Pinterest has to offer to you.

As per PEW Research, Pinterest is ranked as the Fourth most used Social media site in the world during 2021 with the highest number of users from the USA.

How Pinterest works?

Do you wish you had a singular website where you could discover ideas for an activity or product you desired? Well, look no further than Pinterest.

Pinterest is an interactive social media platform where users save their images, videos, stories, and gifs. This visual media along with its description is saved as Pins.  Furthermore, these pins are accessible for viewing by other users depending upon your privacy setting. Moreover, you can browse your favorite categories and you will be able to find thousands of your desired pins.

In a nut-shell, Pinterest is a Visual Discovery Search Engine offering you millions of followers in your field. Over 200 Billion ideas are saved as Pins by the users. So, the only effort you have to put is to target the Right Audience.

Pinterest Video Downloader

The best thing about this video downloader is that you do not have to install or download any application on your computer or mobile. It is a free online Pinterest Video Downloader. You just need an internet connection to open, paste your desired link, and within seconds, you get what you desire.

The second best thing about Pintvideodownloader is that the team of our experts is available round the clock. By doing so, we ensure that our visitors can have uninterrupted video downloading from Pinterest.

How to download Pinterest videos?

Downloading videos from Pinterest has never been so easy. You just have to follow a few very easy steps to download the videos from Pinterest.

Pinterest Video Downloader Online 2023

1. Sign in to Pinterest

Open Pinterest in Chrome to download videos

First of all, you need to sign in to Pinterest using either the application or the website. For this, you require to create an account on Pinterest with a valid e-mail address and password.

Sign in to Pinterest

2. Video selection

Find your favorite video before making download

Look for the video of your own choice. Once, you have finalized the video then you can download the Pinterest video within no time.

3. Copy URL of the video

Copy the URL of video

Just a right-click of the mouse on the video will reveal the address of the video (URL). Or you can click on the three vertical dots. Copy the link with the right click of the mouse or use a shortcut from your keyboard “Ctrl+C”. Or, most easy is to copy the URL of video from the adress bar.

4. Paste URL of the video

Paste the URL of video in the Downloader

You will open the Pintvideodownloader in the new window and then paste the copied URL there.

5. Video Generation

Video Generation in the downloader before downloading the video

Now, you wait for the Pintvideodownloader to generate the final video. You need to sit tight as this is a matter of seconds. However, if you are downloading a heavy video in HD Quality, then it may take some time.

Video is ready for download after generation

All you have to do is to press the “Download Now” Button. Or, you can press the Three Vertical Dots on the right bottom. It will reveal 3 options to you, Just click on “Download Now” and video will start to download.

Press Download Now to download Pinterest videos

6. Video downloading

Pinterest Video is downloaded in your device

As soon as the download is complete, you will get it in your PC.

Pinterest Downloader for PC

If you want to download Pinterest videos on your PC using chrome, I will guide you step by step.

There is no difficult or a lengthy process involved, you have to just follow a couple of steps and you can easily download Pinterest videos on your PC while using chrome.

Pinterest Video Downloader chrome, Firefox, Opera

Pinterest Video Downloader Chrome

If you want the Pinterest Video Downloader Chrome for your PC, you have to follow simple steps to download these amazing videos

  • Open chrome browser on your PC and sign in to Pinterest.
  • Get the video of your choice on Pinterest and copy its URL.
  • Now, open the in the other tab.
  • Here, paste the URL of that video and start Downloading.
  • The video will be first generated and then downloaded on your PC.

See, very simple, not difficult at all.

Pinterest Downloader Mobile

With the help of this best video downloader, you can download Pinterest videos on your mobile.

Pinterest Video Downloader IOS

If you want to download Pinterest videos using your android phone or I Phone, this downloader will help you.

Follow the simple steps and you will get your videos in a jiffy.

  • Sign in to your Pinterest account using your Mobile.
  • Find the desired video and copy its URL.
  • Go to the website of Pintvideodownloader and paste that URL in the search box
  • Press Download Now button and get the Pinterest video in the gallery of your mobile phone.

Download Pinterest Videos using Pintvideodownloader

Why to use Pinterest Video Downloader?

We all know that there is a small hitch in all smooth-looking process. Pinterest does not allow its users to download videos, images, story, or GIFs. This can become a big hustle for you if you are a regular Pinterest user. You need to download the pinned media for various purposes. Therefore, if you want a Pinterest Image Downloader, Pinterest GIF Downloader or a Pinterest Story Downloader then you need to have Pintvideodownloader for yourself..

Pinterest Video Downloader by Pintvideodownloader

Best Pinterest Video Downloader for you in 2023

In this troublesome situation, here comes Pintvideodownloader at your service. It is a safe and free platform that has the best Pinterest video downloader. It offers you the freedom and quickest video downloading from Pinterest.

Just by a couple of clicks, you will download the videos of your choice from Pinterest. Moreover, you can save the downloaded videos, and then you can re-share those videos as well.

Key Features

Out of all the downloaders available in the market, why choose It offers you a variety of options which makes it a far better choice than the rest of its competitors. I would like to introduce you to its main features.

1. Free of Cost

It is a free tool and will remain so forever. You can use it as much as you want and for as long as you wish. You do not need to register or subscribe to any other platform.

2. Time is Money

With this superfast video downloader, you will save plenty of time for yourself. Moreover, you do not have to wait for some Ads to complete their running time before the video downloads.

3. No Additional Application needed

You need no extra application or software in your gadgets. It is an online tool that works for your ease.

4. Safety

You do not have to install anything on your computer or mobile so you are safe from any kind of malware or virus.

5. Available Formats

Use this online tool to download Pinterest video in your desired format. Even, you can download HD Videos using this downloader.

6. User-Friendly

It is a user-friendly video downloader. It supports all the Web browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. Moreover, it works equally well for Windows, Android, IOS, and Linux. Moreover, it is compatible with Personal Computers, Laptops, Mobiles, and Tablets.

How to use Pinterest for your advantage?

As you have understood that how Pinterest works. Now, you should move on to the next step; using Pinterest to your advantage.

Pinterest downloader from Mobile and PC

1. Leisure, Fun & DIY

Most searched categories on Pinterest include Food, Travel Health, and Beauty. So, if you are looking for innovation then you are in luck. Great ideas are waiting there for you in the form of saved Pins.

2. Business Promotion

If you are doing business then you can capture a wide untapped market of buyers. You will turn your catalogues into pins and pitch them to potential buyers. You will have an ideal marketing platform to sell your products. Therefore, Pinterest can become an exemplary E-Commerce platform.

3. Blog / Vlog Promotion

In the world of Social media, if you are an influencer and you are not using Pinterest for your benefit.  Then, I must say that you are losing the great edge that Pinterest has to offer. By linking your website/channel with Pinterest, you can redirect a lot of referral traffic to your Social Media account.

4. Stats Management

Pinterest is a user-friendly interface that provides its users with various statistics. Then, Users manage these statistics to convert the offered Opportunities into Strengths.

So, we have concluded that Pinterest is a great platform and you must make every effort to use it efficiently and effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, it is totally free to use. You can download all the videos you like without the tension of any registration or sign-up process.

After downloading visual media from Pinterest, many users come to know that video or image is carrying a watermark. This becomes really annoying sometimes. However, if you use Pintvideodownloader to download videos from Pinterest, your downloaded videos will be free of any watermarks.

You can download the videos from Pinterest in any format you choose. There is a great variety of formats. Even the videos in HD format if the video offers such format.

Pintvideodownloader is a user-friendly tool that is supported by all devices. Without any worry, you can use it for both Android and IOS. Moreover, it supports all the web browsers and you can use it on both Laptops and mobiles.

In order to copy any URL from your Pinterest account, sign in to your profile, open the desired pin, and right-click on it to get your desired URL.

Final Words

To download the videos from Pinterest in the most efficient manner, you need the Best Video Downloader. With all the options available out there, make a choice that you won’t regret. Choose the Pintvideodownloader and undoubtedly you will have the best Pinterest video downloader.

We will be glad to receive your feedback. Our team knows that positive responses from our users will help us to enhance your downloading experience.

We wish you happy downloading from Pinterest.