How to post on Pinterest?

Are you new to Pinterest and have questions about how to upload Pins to Pinterest? Don’t worry, we’re all starting someplace… That is why we developed this useful guide!

Pinterest is a website where people may sell visually appealing products to others. We can pin and save other people’s images here. We can pin it from the internet or from our desktops.

How to post on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social bookmarking website for sharing photos, videos, and GIFs. It is one of the questions that individuals have when it comes to saving pins. I will explain you in detail about posting on Pinterest.

How to post videos on Pinterest?

Video Pins are a terrific way to present a more complete story about your company, idea, or project on Pinterest. The cover image on Video Pins grabs your audience’s attention. They appear in users’ newsfeed, so keep in mind that when they see your video, they may or may not have their volume turned up.

If you want to upload videos on Pinterest, follow these simple steps

  • Log in to your Pinterest account if you haven’t already
  • Click on the plus sign in the upper right hand of the screen
  • Click on create pin from the drop down menu
  • Once you click on create pin, it will redirect you to a screen which has all the specs mentioned
  • Upload your video by clicking on the upward arrow sign, you can also drag and drop the video that you want to post
  • You can drag on the timeline to set the thumbnail for your video
  • Add title, and a description, try using as many keywords as possible to increase interaction.
  • Pick a board for you video, preferably, a board that is related to your video.
  • Publish your video, you can publish it immediately or schedule to publish at a later time.

It generally takes up to 24 hours for you pins to be approved, so you will have to make sure that your video goes live.

How to post photos on Pinterest?

Is it possible for you to upload your images to Pinterest? the short answer is yes. now, let us determine the answer to this issue. How can you upload your own photos to Pinterest?

I am going to tell you the easiest way to upload photos on Pinterest in both mobile and desktop.

Upload pins to Pinterest from a desktop

How to post on Pinterest from a PC
  • Sign in to your Pinterest account if you haven’t already.
  • In the lower right corner of your Feed Select, click the Plus icon. Make a Pin
  • Click on the Plus + icon.
  • Select Pin Upload now.
  • You can either upload or drag & drop your image.
  • Enter an appropriate title.
  • Include a proper description in addition to the keywords.
  • Click Add alt text and explain the image if you want to make the post simpler to interpret for users who use a screen reader.
  • In the Add as destination link section, enter the URL of the website to which you want to link this article.
  • Click Save after selecting a board from the selection menu at the top.
  • Finally, incorporate hashtags.
  • Finally, click on the Publish button.

How to upload on Pinterest using android or apple devices?

How to post on Pinterest from mobile

The methods for posting a pin in the Pinterest app are essentially identical whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone.

  • Open the Pinterest application.
  • Select Pin from the pop-up menu by tapping the + sign at the bottom of the screen (top right on Android).
  • Find and tap the photo you wish to publish, then press Next.
  • Give your document a title and a description.
  • To link this post to a website, tap the plus sign next to Add a link (iPhone) or tap Add (Android) and input or paste the URL.

After than, tap next and choose the board you want the image to be in.

How to get more followers on Pinterest?

1. Post on popular boards:

Post more frequently on those boards of yours that have a substantially larger following than others. Because more people are following these boards, your chances of getting more re-pins (and hence additional followers) are higher.

2. SEO Optimization:

The importance of SEO in pinning cannot be overstated. The more specific your keywords are in your board and pin descriptions, the more likely you are to attract followers who are looking for and interested in such topics.

3. Posts about Trendy Topics:

Popular people, locations, and events is a fantastic way for drawing new followers. On the site, trending subjects will be keyword-searched, and if you have a pin that fits, you have a good chance of garnering some of that traffic.


Yes. It is entirely up to you whether you want to make your images public or private. Share your photo with others by uploading it to your account. This is the ultimate way to upload your own images to Pinterest.

Yes, you can use Pinterest to upload many photographs at once. You must first open the bulk pinner and select images. After that, add titles, descriptions, and links before clicking the save button. You can use this method to upload several photographs to Pinterest.

Bring Pinterest traffic to your website – social media traffic has been declining, but Pinterest is a visual discovery engine, not a social networking platform. as well as to develop resources for your community

Pinterest used to be a huge fan of hashtags back in the day, but now, they recommend that you should not use them in your pins. For the same results as using a hashtag, include keywords in your descriptions.

Final Words

If you haven’t started using Pinterest till now, I recommend you to do it now. It is never too late. Just make an account, start posting, make your own pins and boards. This is an easy guide for you to learn how to post on Pinterest. You will enjoy like you have never before.

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