Pinterest Pins-How to Create, Download & Delete?

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for finding DIY, recipe, fashion, and other ideas, not just for businesses. Many businesses use Pinterest as a marketing strategy to enhance brand awareness and drive traffic to their websites. Every day, you see a lot of inspiration ideas on Pinterest in the form of photographs or videos, but have you ever attempted to make your own Pin?

Pinterest Pins

Pins are the photos, animations, and videos that you view on Pinterest. In other words, Pins are the pieces of material that you like on Pinterest and save to your profile. Photographs, infographics, logos, movies, and anything else that is a jpg or mp4 file qualifies to be a Pin.

How to make pins on Pinterest?

How to make Pinterest Pins

If you started using Pinterest recently, you might be confused as to what goes into making a pin, don’t worry, we have all been there, I am going to guide you through the process of making pins in Pinterest, and all the requirements a picture or a video needs to be made into a pin!

Using a mobile phone:

  • Open the Pinterest app and log into your account if you haven’t already
  • To make a Pinterest pin, click the (+) icon.
  • On the bottom of your smartphone screen, you’ll notice the camera, globe, and gallery icons.
  • Click on that icon if you wish to take a picture straight from the camera, this feature is exclusive to Pinterest on mobile only.
  • You may also upload a photo from your device’s gallery by selecting the image you want to use from the picture icon.
  • Alternatively, hit the web icon to choose a photo from an external website.
  • Make a title and a description for your Pin.
  • Select a board for your Pin and publish it by tapping the “Next” button.

Using a Computer:

  • Log into for a Pinterest account.
  • At the bottom-right corner of your screen, click the + sign.
  • Click Make a Pin.
  • To upload your image, drag and drop it or click the directional arrow up circular symbol.
  • Include a title, a description, and a link to the destination.
  • Select a board to save to from the drop-down menu on the top-right, or click Create board to make a new one.
  • Save the file.

Pinterest Pins Size

Pinterest Pins Size

You might want to start posting your own pins after you’ve been surfing for a time, saving pins to your boards, and getting inspired. Creating your own pins is an excellent way to contribute to the site and collaborate in this graphically rich environment.

Because Pinterest’s interface is vertically aligned, you’ll need to design a vertical image with a 2:3 aspect ratio.

In terms of size, you have a few alternatives to pick from to meet the 2:3 aspect ratio. It is usually better to choose a larger image size for better quality. The higher the resolution, the more appealing it will appear and stick out. So, how big should your Pinterest pins be?

Pinterest recommends a pin size of 1000 x 1500 pixels for the best results. However, you can choose between 600 x 900 pixels, 1200 x 1800 pixels, and 2000 x 3000 pixels. All of these images have a 2:3 aspect ratio, which is the optimum Pinterest image size.

A square pin on Pinterest should be 1000 by 1000 pixels in size. This is a 1:1 aspect ratio. Pinterest will save your square, and square photographs can often stand out more in a sea of vertical pins on the feed. You can repurpose your Instagram photographs for Pinterest as well, thanks to square pins.

There are other dimensions as well apart from these, have a look and get a fair idea:

S.NoPinterest PinsDimensions
1Standard Pins2:3
2Long Pins1.2:1
3Square Pins1:1
4Story Pins9:16
5Infographic Pins1:3
6Carousel Pins2:3 for 1st Image & 1:1 for rest
Pinterest Pins Size

Types of Pinterest Pins

Pinterest Pins Types

1. Pinterest Idea pins:

Pinterest pins, as Pinterest itself roughly puts is; a new name for Story Pins to better reflect the distinctiveness of a product that allows creators to share long-lasting ideas rather than ephemeral stories. Creators will have access to a set of new publishing tools beginning today, including video-first capabilities, new editing tools, and changes to make generating Idea Pins easier and more creative.

Similar to Stories, Idea Pins are centred on sequences of short video pieces that customers may swipe through. Each Idea series can include up to 20 frames and each individual clip can be up to 60 seconds long.

Pinterest was determined that they needed a Story-type product that was distinct from social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. And they were correct!

Here are a few ways they differ from Facebook and Instagram Stories:

Pins with ideas last a long time. They don’t vanish in a day’s time, like it does in Instagram and Facebook etc.

Pinners can save Idea Pins to use as inspiration in the future.

Instead of connecting, live talking, and other activities, Idea Pins focus on inspiring.

In contrast to other Stories tools, Idea Pins have “detail pages” where producers may add additional comments or explainers – such as recipe details or product information – and, unlike other Stories tools, Idea Pins stay on user profiles rather than disappearing after 24 hours.

Here is how to make Pinterest Idea pins:

  • Go to your Pinterest account and sign in.
  • Create an Idea Pin by clicking Create, then Create Idea Pin.
  • Create a new draught or select one of your existing draughts from the drop-down menu under Your draughts.
  • Choose 1 or up to 20 images or movies from your computer by clicking the directional arrow up circle icon, or drag & drop to add the images or videos.
  • Design your pages with the tools on the right side of the screen.
    >Alter: To adjust and resize your image or to focus on an intriguing area of your video, click Image or Video.
    >Text: To add a text box, click Text and choose a font, font size, alignment, colour, or highlight.
    >Background: Select or alter the background colour by clicking Background.
  • Click the Plus sign in the top-left corner above your pages to add more photos or videos.
  • To change the font, layout, or background on several pages, hold down shift on your keyboard while choosing the pages you want to edit.
  • Click Preview in the bottom-right corner to preview how your Idea Pin will look before you upload it. Make sure your sensitive data is contained within the secure zones.
  • click next
  • Fill in the following details about your Pin:
  • If your Idea Pin is a video, tap Edit cover to choose a thumbnail for the cover.
  • Title: Give your Idea Pin a name.
  • Board: From the drop-down menu, select a public board to save your Idea Pin to, or click Create board to create a new one. If you don’t choose a board, your Idea Pin will appear in the Created tab of your profile after you’ve published it.
  • Tags: To reach individuals looking for similar ideas, search and add up to 10 tag topics to your Idea Pin.
  • Toggle the switch to allow for comments.
  • Add the details to the list by clicking Add the details, then selecting Ingredients, Supplies, or Notes.
  • Publish your idea pin

2. Pinterest Rich pins:

Rich Pins have backend metadata that gives Pinterest extra information about your goods, allowing searchers to have a more richer experience. Consider the same pin, but with a wealth of additional information that is immediately linked to your content, making it more engaging and conversational. This is how you can make your Pinterest approach a success!

Rich pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each option is tailored to a specific type of content:

The install button on app pins allows you to download apps directly from Pinterest.

Cooking instructions, ingredients, and serving sizes are all included on recipe pins.

Product pins provide real-time availability, pricing, and purchasing information.

Authors, narrative descriptions, and headlines are displayed on article pins.

Product and article pins will be the most valuable rich pins for many businesses.

How to set up Pinterest Rich Pins

It may be difficult to add Rich Pin functionality to your website if you are not a developer. One of the simplest options is to use an app like Yoast, which assists in the installation of an SEO plugin that organises your metadata on a website. You can also go to the Pinterest Developers Page for a more in-depth look at how to interact with your metadata.

After you’ve gathered all of your site’s metadata, the following step is to install and validate the Rich Pins. To make things simple, use the Rich Pin Validator and follow the instructions for validating your Pins. Then all you have to do is press the apply button and wait a few days for the validation process to complete.

The final piece of advise for getting the most out of your Rich Pins after they’ve been installed is to choose photos that are well-represented in your account. Their job is to draw attention to your product or service and present it in the best possible light. Include the beautiful headline and popular keywords in the description if you frequently employ article Rich Pins.

3. Pinterest Story pins

Story Pins are a brand-new form of Pin and publishing option for creators that allows them to convey dynamic and visual stories using videos, audio, and picture and text overlay. Pinterest is claiming to making it easier for creators who want to share their ability, passions, and creativity to do so without the requirement for a website by allowing them to post straight to Pinterest.

Story Pins are a means for Pinterest users to create more fantastic content and display numerous products or ideas in one Story Pin, with up to 20 pages of photographs, videos, and text Creators can use Story Pins to provide behind-the-scenes footage, fast tips, recipes, craft ideas, and step-by-step tutorials. Furthermore, Users can also swipe through the pages to find information like an ingredient list, project materials, and other data! Story Pins are all the rage on Pinterest right now, and unlike other platforms’ Stories sections, Story Pins don’t vanish after 24 hours!

Here’s how to make story pins:

  • Log into your account if  you haven’t already
  •  go to the “Create” tab.
  • Select “Create Story Pin” from the drop-down menu. You won’t see this option if you don’t have access to Story Pins yet.
  • To upload, choose 1-20 photos and/or videos. Videos should not be longer than 60 seconds.
  • Use the tools at your disposal to create your pages. You can choose from a variety of font and colour combinations. Make changes to your design or add more pages.
  • “Next” should be selected.
  • For your Story Pin, choose a theme.
  • Include information such as an ingredient list or the components required.
  • “Next” should be selected.
  • Make a title for your Story Pin.
  • Select a Board to which your Story Pin will be published.
  • Choose up to ten Pinterest tags that are relevant to your article.
  • “Publish” should be selected.

4. Pinterest Video Pins

Video Pins are an excellent method to present a more in-depth tale about your company, idea, or project. The cover image on Video Pins grabs your audience’s attention. They appear in users’ newsfeed, so keep in mind that when they see your video, they may or may not have their volume turned up.

Any video under one minute long that serves as a good preview for your dish, project, or product. In our beta tests, videos that were shorter than 30 seconds in length functioned well. In most industries, the number of clicks and saves decreased with each additional second of video.

You can also create audiograms for your podcast, however we found that these didn’t work very well in our experiments. Some can be found on the Simple Pin Podcast’s Pinterest board.

Here’s how to post video pins on Pinterest?

  • Open your Pinterest account and click Create Pin. After that, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the screen
  • The next screen will open to allow you to upload your video, and they have provided all of the necessary requirements to the right of the upload box. It’s time to post your video.
  • Slide the choices left or right until you find the image you want to use as your video’s thumbnail.
  • Make a title for the Pin and a description for it.
  • Enter a URL for the video to be linked to.
  • Select a board for your video. I suggest starting with the board that most closely mirrors the topic of the film. As a result, the keyword data will be associated to the pin.
  • Click on publish to publish your pins

5. Pinterest Promoted Pins

A promoted pin is a Pinterest ad that costs money. You may contact consumers who are looking for or have expressed interest in what you have to offer by targeting specific regions, demographics, and devices. The cost-per-click (CPC) model is used for promoted pins. A campaign has a daily budget and a set time frame. You only pay when someone visits your website after clicking on the pin. You can keep track of your campaign and make changes as it progresses.

How to promote Pinterest Pins?

To generate ads, you’ll need a business account. The amount you pay will be determined by your campaign’s budget and spending constraints. Learn how to place a bid.

  • To begin, choose one of your most recent pins to promote. One of your pins or a pin from another site. Search for that pin if you want to promote something more recent.
  • Hover over the pin once you’ve made your choice. Click the Promote button when it appears.
  • Do your homework before deciding on keywords. Use Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner, KeywordSpy, or whatever tool you’re most familiar with to check keywords.
  • You can choose a city or regional area from a drop-down menu for your location. Then pick a language, which will almost certainly be English.
  • Select the demographics where you want your add to appear
  • After you’ve decided on an audience, set a maximum cost-per-click bid. You’ll never pay more than that because it’s the price you’d be willing to pay each click.
  • After that, you can choose to preserve or change the pin’s original destination URL.
  • After you’ve finalised your strategic ad targeting choices, agree to the terms of service, set up billing, and submit. Your pin will be evaluated and authorized01 if it is promoted.

Promoted pins is a great way to increase traffic to your website as When you have something exceptional or unique to display, such as an event, promotion, or noteworthy article, Pinterest promoted pins will assist you draw attention to that pin. They’ll also help you reach out to those who haven’t yet discovered your company on Pinterest. Promoted pins are ideal for seasonal content, time-sensitive information, and anything else that requires additional attention.

6. Pinterest Saved Pins

Your Pinterest profile is where you may save ideas to come back to later. It’s like having your own personal library of everything you enjoy and want to try.

Saving pins is very easy:

  • Hover over a Pin or click on it to see a closeup.
  • Choose a board where your Pin will be saved:
  • Click Save in the top right corner to save it to the preferred board.
  • Click to select from a list of your boards.
  • Select Create board, then Create to save it to a new board.

How do I access my saved pins?

They will be stored to boards on your profile if you saved them correctly. This is your profile icon, which is a small grey symbol of a person’s head and shoulders in the top right hand corner of your screen (near the search bar if you’re using a computer). If you don’t see any pins, it’s possible you didn’t save them correctly. When you wish to save a pin, place your cursor over it and click the red “Save” button. After that, you must choose a board to store it to. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll be given the option to establish a board to which you can save your pin.

How to use Hash Tags on Pinterest?

Hashtags are words or phrases that are prefixed by a hash (#) and are used to distinguish Pins on a certain subject. When you see the hash (#) before the word or phrase, you know it’s a hashtag. Hashtags can be a single word or a string of words, but they cannot contain spaces or punctuation.

Here’s how you can puts hashtags on your posts

When posting:

  • Sign in to your Pinterest business account.
  • Select Create in the top-left corner of your screen, then Create Pin.
  • Create a Pin by selecting an image from your computer or dragging and dropping an image into the uploader, then clicking the directional arrow up circle symbol.
  • Include a title, description, and alt text, as well as a link to the destination, which should be your claimed website.
  • Add hashtags tag.
  • Type your product title and URL into the search bar below. This item has been tagged to make it easier for you to find similar items.
  • Select the product you’d like to tag the image with, then repeat steps 5-7 to add more tags.
  • Once you’ve finished, choose whether to publish the Pin now or later, depending on when you want it to go live.
  • Select which board to save it to by clicking the directional chevron down icon next to Publish in the top-right corner, then hit Publish.

Hashtags on Pinterest work similarly to hashtags on Twitter and Instagram in that they help users quickly find the information they need. When you search on Pinterest for a hashtag, the results are shown in chronological order, with the most recent posts at the top.

How to pin on Pinterest for Business:

You may use Pinterest to share your products and ideas by making Pins that link back to your website if you have a business account. You can promote a successful Pin to create an ad if you notice it.

  • Go to your Pinterest business account and log in.
  • Create a pin by clicking Create in the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Click the directional arrow up symbol, then select a picture from your computer or drag and drop an image into the uploader to make a Pin.
  • Include a title, description, alternative text, and a link to the destination. Click the edit icon on the left-hand side of your Pin to make changes. Crop your Pin by dragging and dropping the red frame or using the recommended 2:3 ratio, then click Update adjustments.
  • Add a logo by clicking and selecting your logo, then updating your changes.
  • Add text to your Pin by clicking the A icon and typing your text, then clicking Update changes.

Pinterest can help your company in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

1. A sizable user base

Pinterest, the fourth most popular social media site in the United States, may introduce your brand to millions of new clients. It has over 235 million monthly international users.

2. Platform for visuals

Pinterest is an excellent platform for graphically displaying your company. It’s also the only social networking platform that allows visual search for now, so getting in on the ground floor is a good idea.

How to delete Pinterest Pins

How to delete Pinterest Pins
  • Log into your Pinterest account.
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, click your profile image.
  • If you saved the Pin to a board, then to a section, click inside it.
  • To open a Pin, simply click on it.
  • Select the ellipsis icon from the drop-down menu.
  • In the bottom-left corner, select Delete.
  • To confirm, click Delete Pin.

Final Words

If you want to sail through the ocean of Pinterest, you need to have a good grip about everything on Pinterest. Pins are the foundation stone of your account. If you want to thrive your account then get a good understanding about Pinterest Pins. Only then can you have a massive increase in your following.

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