How to delete a Pinterest account?

Pinterest is an excellent tool for navigating through the deep oceans of your personal interest, as well as gathering and organizing photographs, video, and information from the internet.

However, if you have finished a project and no longer want to use Pinterest — or simply need a vacation from the bulletin board-like social media service — You may deactivate your account permanently, erasing all of your information from the internet.

If you need to walk away from Pinterest. But don’t want to make any permanent changes, you can deactivate your account and return to it later.

How to delete or deactivate your Pinterest account?

(On PC)

How to delete Pinterest account from PC
  • In a web browser, go to the Pinterest website and log in.
  • By clicking the arrow to the right of your account symbol, select Settings from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.
  • From the left-hand drop-down menu, choose “Account Settings.”
  • In the account settings, select either of these options:
  • Delete your account: if you want to delete your account permanently, this will delete everything in your account, which includes your saved pins, boards, and profiles, permanently.
  • Or deactivate your account: if you want to take a break from Pinterest or social media in general, this might be the option for you,  this option is going to disable your account and delete all your pins temporarily, you can always come back to Pinterest simply by logging in to your account!
  • If you’re deactivating your account, Pinterest will inquire as to why you’re doing so. Click Next after selecting an option. Then press the Send email button.
  •  To remove your Pinterest account, go to the email address linked with your account and choose the email titled Last security check. In the email, select Yes, and delete the account.

How to delete my Pinterest account?

(On Mobile)

How to delete Pinterest account from mobile

The process of deleting a Pinterest account on both android and ios devices is the same, and it is very simple.

  • Open the Pinterest app
  • Locate your profile icon on the bottom right of the page and tap it.
  • After this you are going to want to locate a three-dot menu, generally found at the top right of the page. Tapping on the three-dot menu will open a pop-up window, tap on settings on the pop-up menu.
  • You will scroll to the bottom of the page and find account changes if you are using an android device. Or manage an account if you are using an IOS device. Here, again, you can choose between deleting your account permanently and deactivating it temporarily.
  • Deleting your account permanently will completely wipe out all your profile and data. While deactivating your account temporarily will hide your profile and all your pins from other users.
  • If you choose to delete your account permanently, Pinterest is going to ask you for a reason. Select why you want to leave and tap next, and finally, tap send email.
  •  After that, go to your email and look for an email sent by Pinterest. Generally, it would be titled “last security check to delete your account”. You will have to simply tap on yes, delete the account.

Once you have deleted your account, it will be deactivated for 14 days. In case you change your mind and decide to go back to your Pinterest. You can simply log in using your email and password; this is going to recover your account. However, after 14 days, your account and its data will be deleted permanently. And there is no way to retrieve your account after that.

How to reactivate Pinterest account?

How to reactivate Pinterest account

Whenever you decide to come back to Pinterest, it is very easy. However, keep in mind that if you had deleted your Pinterest account previously then you will get access only to your Pinterest account. You will not be able to retrieve any Board or saved Pins.

On the contrary, you will have access to all of your data if your account was only deactivated and not deleted.

  • To reactivate a Pinterest account, follow these easy steps:-
  • Proceed to the Pinterest website on the login page.
  • Login using your original e-mail and password.
  • Instead of Logging in, you will receive an e-mail to “Re-activate your account” from Pinterest on your original e-mail.
  • Simply, click this tab of “Re-activate your account”
  • Your Pinterest account will be re-activated.

However, if you have forgotten your password then you can reset it by visiting the Reset Password tab on Pinterest account settings.


It can generally take up to fourteen days for your account to be deleted permanently, so you can log in using your credentials during those 14 days, however, if 14 days have passed, there is nothing that can be done. Unless you deactivated your account. If you deactivated your Pinterest account instead of deleting it, you can log back in using your credentials whenever you want to!

They will disappear till you decide to come back.

You can simply log in to your Pinterest account using your credentials, you might get a pop-up screen saying “we’re glad to have you back”

Final Words

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a time, you’ve almost certainly amassed a sizable collection of pins that serve as inspiration. However, it might be time to take a break if you’re spending too much time dreaming up a “Pinterest-perfect” life.

Delete your Pinterest account only if you’re positive that you won’t need it any longer. Remember that you have two weeks to think about your decision.

If you only need a break and know you’ll come back to look at interior design, art, and ideas for the latest fashion, and much more, deactivating your account is a better alternative. In either instance, the operation is straightforward and quick.

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