What is Pinterest? Is it safe and free to use?

In the world of social media, many new applications are swamping in on daily basis. Old-timers had Orkut which was soon replaced by the Millenials using Facebook. And, now Gen Z is working their way around Snapchat and Instagram. Who would have thought Tiktok bypassed Youtube in terms of traffic? But, one application that has been able to hold its ground in this storm is Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

So, the question comes into our mind what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a major social media platform where users share their content with other users. Almost, all platforms follow the same approach so, what is that feature that makes it unique from its competitors.

Pinterest is mainly a Visual Discovery Engine where all the content is shared in terms of visual aids. These can be in the form of images, videos, GIFs, and stories.

Another unique feature of is how you approach its media. Whenever you save any image or video on Pinterest, it is saved as a “Pin”. Now, if you have more than one pin of a similar category, you save them on a “Board”. The purpose of saving Pins on a Board is to have your data organized. So, in a nutshell, you have a Board describing your category. And, on that board, you hold various pins. You can rename the Boards as per your choice as well.

Thus, you can have as many Boards as you want thus saving as many images and videos as you wish. So, you have easy access to millions of ideas right at your fingertips.

History of Pinterest

In January 2010 by Ben Silberman and Paul Sciarra launched Pinterest in the USA. This came into the market with the same manifesto which we can see even today, the visual orientation of ideas by users. However, there have been many advancements over the decade but the basic intent has been the same. This major pillar is what gives it an enormous edge over others.

Over the first couple of months, it was able to grab a few thousand users only. But, we saw a major breakthrough after they launched the mobile version of this application.

By the end of 2011; that means that just 2 years after its launch, this newer app had acquired 11 million visits per week. And, it was the start of a new era, new dawn on the horizon of Social Media. This had opened new doors for Pinterest launching them on the path where looking back was never an option.

Today, it is able to get a major chunk of the Social media traffic. In 2021, Pinterest had almost 100 Million users per month thus making it the fourth-largest Social Media Network.

Unlike its contemporaries, where users are from a specific age group, it has users from all age groups and squares of life. They range from artists showcasing their talents to housewives sharing their recipes and DIYs, to businesses doing their promotion. Everything is being shared, you just need to find a community for yourself and connect to like-minded people.

Is Pinterest Free?

Pinterest is totally free application. You can use it on your computer from the website or you can use it on your mobile using the application. Its application is freely and readily available free of cost.

Is Pinterest Safe?

Worldwide, millions of users have installed it on their devices . This automatically vouches for the trust of the General public on this platform. While signing in, you need a valid e-mail ID. You do not need to provide any additional documents, especially a credit card for having an account. Moreover, Pinterest ensures that your data is completely safe. Therefore, you can use Pinterest without any worry.

Final Words

Pinterest is one of the leading networks in the Social media world. If you want to build a solid social profile, it is never complete without a Pinterest account. If you are not having a Pinterest account then you are missing great pins saved and shared by your friends and family. So, I suggest you have a Pinterest account with an active profile and start using it on regular basis. If you are not happy with it, you have the option to either delete or deactivate your account anytime. However, I must warn you that you will simply be in awe to this wonderful application. Once you use it, you just can’t leave it.

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