What is Pinterest? Is it safe and free to use?

What is Pinterest

In the world of social media, many new applications are swamping in on daily basis. Old-timers had Orkut which was soon replaced by the Millenials using Facebook. And, now Gen Z is working their way around Snapchat and Instagram. Who would have thought Tiktok bypassed Youtube in terms of traffic? But, one application that has … Read more

Pinterest Story Downloader-Download Pinterest Story Online

Pinterest Story Downloader

Using Pinterest leads us to seeing things that we desperately want to download. But unfortunately, Pinterest itself does not give the permission to its users to download images, videos, gifs, and story from it. Therefore, users have to use different apps in order to download Pinterest story, videos or posts from it. We have brought … Read more

Pinterest GIF Downloader-Download Pinterest GIFs

Pinterest GIF Downloader

You may be using Pinterest for a long time or you may be new to this wonderful platform. One thing is for sure that Pinterest does not let you download the Pinterest media. It can be in the form of videos, images or GIF but you are completely unable to download it. Therefore, you need … Read more